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Our world is built from materials. Our team is here to explore them. 

Team matériO' Prague explores and brings awareness about the potential of materials.

team matério prague our story

How it started

Two people from different industries united and found a common passion: materials. Meet Lucie Havlová and Tomáš Hendrych who founded matériO' Prague in 2011. 


matériO' Paris

matériO' Prague is one of the 4 material library branches. Our HQ - MatériO Paris - was founded in 2000 by Quentin Hirsinger and Elodie Ternaux as an independent information and education center for innovative materials. All our branches – Paris, Prague, Seoul, and Geneva share a common goal: to continuously expand our material expertise developing a comprehensive online database and displaying material samples in our showrooms.

paris matério
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