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Our world is built from materials. Our team is here to explore them. 

Team matériO' Prague explores and brings awareness about the potential of materials.

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How it started

Two people from different industries united and found a common passion: materials. Meet Lucie Havlová and Tomáš Hendrych who founded matériO' Prague in 2011. 


About matério Prague and Happy Materials

Matério Prague proudly operates under the visionary leadership of Happy Materials, a brainchild of Lucie Havlová and Tomáš Hendrych. Celebrating a decade of innovation, their profound passion for materials birthed a comprehensive materials library in 2011. Building on this foundation, 2013 witnessed the launch of the online magazine, Material Times. Bridging the library's vast collection with the evolving world of new materials and technology, Material Times offers enriching content accessible to all at


Lucie Havlová: A Journey of Expertise

An esteemed alumna of VŠCHT Prague, Lucie specialized in polymer processing. Her career includes a 15-year tenure with the British chemical conglomerate, ICI, overseeing technical sales of polymers across Eastern Europe. She co-founded Happy Materials alongside Tomáš Hendrych in 2004. Under her leadership, the matériO material libraries saw successful inaugurations in Prague and Bratislava between 2010 and 2012. Her fervor for education and art has manifested in numerous events and exhibitions alongside launching a material library.

Tomáš Hendrych: An Artistic Visionary

Starting his journey in pantomime at HAMU, Tomáš explored the realms of acting and choreography. His versatile career pivoted to directing, where he crafted television and radio spots with his signature touch. Since the inception of Happy Materials in 2004, Tomáš has channeled his endeavors towards collaborating with the artistic community. His curatorial genius is evident in various acclaimed traveling exhibitions, including those focusing on architecture, materials, and studio glass. At matériO' Prague, Tomáš seamlessly blends creativity and financial acumen in his role as the Creative and Financial Director.

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matériO' Paris

matériO' Prague is one of the 4 material library branches. Our HQ - MatériO Paris - was founded in 2000 by Quentin Hirsinger and Elodie Ternaux as an independent information and education center for innovative materials. All our branches – Paris, Prague, Seoul, and Geneva share a common goal: to continuously expand our material expertise by developing a comprehensive online database and displaying material samples in our showrooms.

Press mentions

We're honored that our activities and intentions have been acknowledged by a number of well-known media portals. See what they've said about us:

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