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Setting up a new project and don't know where to start?

Digging through countless material alternatives can be overwhelming, especially if sustainability is critical to your project.

matériO samples

We help companies create great products

Are you at the beginning of your new project or just stuck in the middle?  Let's meet and we'll start looking - whether it is getting a long list of manufacturers or just a general material overview. 

Project consultations

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Would you like to visit our library, get inspiration or discuss your project? Visit our showroom and even bring your clients with you to show them material options right away. matériO' consultants will be on hand to show you our physical and online database and help you to find a material solution for your project during a quick consultation.

2500 Kč + VAT

Custom Research


At our material library, we specialize in custom material research designed to meet your specific project requirements. With a showroom full of physical samples and a vast network of suppliers, we can find and recommend materials that perfectly suit your needs.

How it works?
Tell us about your project

Let's meet and define the research goals. 

Are you planning on developing new a material, need a brief material overview, looking for a list of appropriate suppliers, or need help with making sustainable decisions?

Duration: approx 1-2 hours

Whether you're researching wood for birdhouses or building a skyscraper, we're eager to hear all about it! Let our "sciency" cells investigate while you focus on other aspects of your project.  

matériO' prague sample showroom
  • What will I find in the matériO' online database?
    Our online database includes over 9000 sample cards with photos and descriptions of the material, contact details of the manufacturer and information about the availability of physical samples in matériO' showrooms. In the database you can also create your own folders of materials for personal use and add notes to them.
  • How can I access the database?
    Become a matériO' Prague member and start discovering thousands of innovative materials. The database is accessible from any device via this link.
  • Can I order samples or materials?
    We do not sell or distribute samples or materials. But we will gladly provide you with contact details of suitable manufacturers.
  • Can I visit the showroom as a non-member?
    Only matériO' members and student groups are typically welcome to our physical showroom. In special occasions we also welcome non-members. Please email us in case you wish to visit us.
  • When and where can I visit the showroom?
    We're open every workday from 9:00 to 17:00. Please let us know at least one day in advance at or +420 739 471 317. Our address is Říčanova 19, 169 00 Praha 6.
  • What can I find in the showroom?
    There are more than 4,000 physical material samples in the showroom. The number of samples is constantly growing. Each sample is labeled and linked to the online database matériO'. Our team will be available for help and quick material consultations. Moreover, the showroom is a space for matériO' seminars and workshops.
  • How does the student one-off visit of the showroom work ?
    We provide free visits to UMPRUM students who are enrolled in the Materiology course. For other students under 26 the price of the visit is 400 CZK. The price includes access to the online database and physical library of materials as well as an individual consultation.
  • Will you help me find the right material during a showroom visit?
    Absolutely, one or more of our team members assist you and guide you through our samples.
  • Can I order samples or materials that I find in the showroom?
    We do not sell or distribute samples. But we will gladly provide you with contact details of suitable manufacturers.
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