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Change starts with people. Let's meet and talk about materials.

We're on a mission to educate about trends, legislatives, philosophies and strategies in the world of materials.  

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Stay updated

The topic of circularity is basically the main character of the 21st century. But apart from thinking sustainably, we like to keep anyone from corporations to small creative teams updated about innovative materials and help them make the right material decisions.

We do custom seminars and workshops

Do you want to educate your team about Life cycle assessment, the basics of glass or anything in between? These are the topics we like to educate about:


General material categories like textiles, construction, plastics, wood and more!

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LCA and circular thinking

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Biomaterials, ecodesign


Innovative and trendy materials


Interactive workshops for kids!

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Materials for architects, interior, fashion, and industrial designers

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Towards Sustainability

In 2022, we launched a series of webinars about ecodesign, Life Cycle Assessment in fashion, design, packaging and architecture. 

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knihovna materiálů umprum

University lectures

One of the roles of our material experts is teaching. We've been proudly leading courses like Materiology at top Czech universities for over 5 years.


We've published a comprehensive overview of basic information on materials, their properties, production and technological processing options.

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