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Towards Sustainability

A series of webinars about sustainibility and Life Cycle Assesment

Sustainability in Practice

How do we approach production and manufacturing sustainably, and what practices are used? Can you determine what is sustainable and what isn't? The Center of Innovative Materials matériO' Prague, in collaboration with French consulting agencies - EG Conseil and Hyloh prepared a series of webinars in autumn 2022 focusing on the environmental sustainability of products and LCA (life cycle assessment). 

Access the webinar recordings free of charge. 

Watch the TS 2022 webinar recordings for free:


The webinars focus on environmental sustainability issues, introduction to the LCA method and practical examples from these industries.

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Test your sustainability knowledge!

Do you know the three pillars of sustainability? Do you know what COP stands for? Test your sustainability and material know-how in our short quiz!

Towards Sustainability 2022 was co-financed with the support of the EU. 


Towards Sustainability 2022 media partners:

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